Friday, October 7, 2011

Single with capital S!

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May guest blogger ako! 

YEHEY SIKAT NA BLOG KO! *insert pangarap here*

Basahin niyo ito. Isinulat ito ng kaibigan kong naglakas loob na tumae sa aking inidoro. Kung nagustuhan mo ito, bisitahin mo rin ang kanyang kubeta sa Iba't Ibang Kaisipan at Ideya.


"Hindi malungkot mag-isa. Dumarating talaga sa buhay ng tao kung kailan gugustuhin niyang makasama wala nang iba kundi ang sarili niya. Hindi malungkot ang pag-iisa, ang malungkot lang eh kapag sawa ka nang mag-isa, gusto mo ng kasama, wala kang makita."

     Nagawa ko 'yan around the late quarter of the year 2008. Obviously, I was alone when typing those words on my cellphone's text box. Well, the statement isn't directed to someone of romantic relationship with me or the likes of it, but, it was directed to a friend or friends since they're all I've got besides my family. But this article I'm writing down aims to center on the issue of romance. (wink)

     Being single doesn't connote to any negative feeling or outlook. Though I am single, I am happy. I got to do the things that please me; I have all the time in the world since I'm not sharing it with anybody. I love reading books, that's where I got inspiration in writing--I write because I read, and it's fun. While I'm still a student, I usually spend the two-month vacation with my books, in my room, and all those written thoughts of various writers I fancy reading.

     Being single lets me save my money. I don't have someone to communicate with regularly via text messages or calls; in short, I don't have to allot money on cellphone load! That's one great thing because my brother usually burn all his money on that, (insert laughter here!)

     I am happy and I love myself--enough for me to realize that I should share the love since it's overflowing inside of me (insert longer laughter here!) Yes, stated that right, I wanna have a boyfriend. I wanna experience it, I wanna know it.

     And most of all, I wanna know myself. I already know myself as a daughter, a sister, and a friend, so now; I wanna know how I am to be a girlfriend. Reading and watching love stories may have affected my thinking since I always have an opinion on things, be it whatever, that I actually thought annoys people sometimes. The thoughts came rushing through my mind of what would I do if I am in that situation, then I'll convince myself that this is what I'll do with this situation and that on that one. It's one of the MEs that I know I wouldn't get to meet by myself even if I spend my whole life imagining it.

     On and on that I eventually stopped myself and thought of the famous "what ifs". They say you do stupid things when you're in love. Maybe I could agree coz I've experienced crushes and yes, ashamed as I am, I do did things silly, (smiles).

     Letting the curious me emerge, I wanna know for myself how would I act to certain situations if I am the one playing the role and not just someone who scrutinize from the pages of the book, or from the screen of our TV set.



Kailangan po niya ng boyfriend. Bago man lang magunaw ang mundo, kailangan niyang makartikim ng luto ng diyos. Kung meron kayong kilala, pakilagay na lang ang contact details sa comment box. Salamat. :)


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nakakatawa pala, hahaha

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